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Children of Men Vaccine Testimonial 001

One of my FB friends posted her friends testimonial direct experience who works in fertility and she reported that all male sperm from "vaxxed" people she looking at is now sterile and non viable for making babies: A Utah andrologist (male fertility specialist) just wrote me about the smoking gun, and I have permission to share this about the fertility clinic she works in:

It's as feared... about sterilizing people with the shot. We have a case study of a young woman we absolutely know was fertile before her shot as she had done three rounds of egg donation.
She got the shot-and came in for a fourth round, The sperm source has a history of healthy embryos (except for a genetic issue they traced to the wife, thus using an egg donor) so we know he is fertile as well.
With this cycle, post-vaxx, over 30 eggs were retrieved, but ZERO embryos survived past day 4-5 of development.
That's when the cells that will be the placenta start to form which, many are concerned are too close in structure to the spike protein for this to be a safe product for men and women who ever hope to have children.

(God knows this shot was built to be multifactorial in damage and will wreak havoc on the Immune responses of people as well.)
But it's starting, Robyn, as feared, It's not just her. We are seeing a lot of this but this case is totally controlled for both gamete providers.
At our staff meeting this morning we discussed the incredible amount of miscarriages we are seeing. It is unprecedented, Robyn,
I am trying to get data from our own doc —I know he suspects something. We had all embryos fail to fertilize or die on one of our patients and he immediately asked if they'd had the shot.

They had. Just a few weeks ago.
I ask her if she would go on Del Bigtree's show, or would she get fired.
She said "I would rather sleep at night". I am writing up our data and printing it and putting it on fliers, on windshields, I am making yard signs. I'll get fired if I have to.



Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 05/18/2021 - 23:21
Why all of this is happening? Why on such global level? Why we cannot educate people about their rights? Why so much corruption? Where are all normal minds? Some time I wonder if I got lost 😞